Senior Year of High school, as a gift for some of my teachers, I made wall mounted bottle openers with a magnetic cap catcher and various designs. Below are some annotated pictures of the process. I got the idea from a number of similar project posts on the DIY subreddit. Unfortunately I can’t find any pictures of the final product, but they looked very similar to these when completed. 

The wood we bought as planks was already the right width, just had to cut it down to size and sand all the faces/edges smooth.
Measuring the center line for drilling the holes for the bottle opener and the inlay for the magnet
Marking the holes for the bottle openers. I picked up these bottle openers at Home Depot
Printing and scaling the maps so they fit correctly was not the easiest thing…
Cutting the print outs to size
Sometimes they didn’t come out so great and I’d have to re-glue
The closest picture I have to a finished project
A close up of the the holes in the wood where the bottle opener was mounted
DIY sanding block
I used a spade bit to inlay the magnets on the back of the bottle openers
Pre-drilling the holes for the bottle openers themselves
Gluing the magnets inside the holes
And the color printer I was using wasn’t great either which didn’t help things
Gluing them on was not easy, I used a mixture of elmers glue and water to make a DIY Mod Podge
Sometimes they came out really awesome though, here are two drying + dog tax