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DIY Variable Power Supply


I’ve needed decent variable power supply ever since I seriously got into electronics in highschool and it took me until I graduated college to finally make a move and decide to make one. This one is based around the DPS3012 which can be had on ebay for ~$30-40. This series of adjustiable DC-DC converters is super handy for creating a variable power supply like this and is absolutely perfect for for my use case. 90% of the things I work on are less then 24V and consume less then 100W, so a 30V/12A theoretical max is more then enough. Below are some pictures & captions describing how I built it.

The finished product


The construction was super simple, the display connects to the main board with two ribbon cables, and there terminal block connectors for the DC in & out. I used some banana connectors/screw terminals I salvaged from a tech dump for the front/rear panels. The 3D model is available here on thingiverse. I modified the front and back panels slightly so I could fit the screw terminals. .STL files for these are included at the bottom of the page.

Front & Rear 3D Models: