The Bag:

My bag is my mom’s classic Jansport from when she was in college. It has survived the years so well largely because of Jansport’s exceptional lifetime warranty and repair policy.  You can send them back the bag at any point and they will repair what is wrong with it; as opposed to just sending you a brand new bag. The bag in its current state actually has three different zippers on it; one original Jansport zipper, one replacement Jansport zipper, and the most recent repair, a YKK zipper. Over the years I have adorned it with a few patches and key chains, and it has stood up very well to my use. If you look closely, just under the Jansport logo, there are the words “Made in the USA.”  That’s something we don’t see that often anymore.










The Contents:

  1. Asus Chromebook Flip
  2. 12″ Carrying case
  3. 5-Subject Ring notebook w/folders
  4. TI-84 Plus-C Silver Edition (read about modifications here)
  5. Clif bar (or other equivalent bar) 
  6. Pill shaped pill holder
  7. Cree weatherproof LED flashlight
  8. Extra 3000mah battery for my phone (LGG3)
  9. Extra battery holder/charger/phone stand
  10. Headphone splitter
  11. 3.5mm gender changer (m-m)
  12. 3.5mm gender changer (f-f)
  13. Standard Apple Earbuds (backup headphones)
  14. 128gb USB 3.0 flash drive
  15. Elastic bike safety light
  16. Horseshoe carabiner
  17. Mini-toothpaste & extra contact lenses
  18. Nite-ize S-Biner
  19. Nite-ize figure-9 (for connecting things to rope)
  20. 2x 3′ Paracord
  21. 2 port USB car charger
  22. 4′ 3.5mm double male cable
  23. Misc. carabiner
  24. MPOW bluetooth audio receiver
  25. Mini Pliers multitool
  26. Micro USB OTG cable
  27. Multi-bit portable screwdriver
  28. Ice Breakers (or other mints)
  29. Short bungee cord
  30. Deodorant
  31. Order of the Arrow Arrowtour coin
  32. Assorted pens & pencils
  33. Nite-ize keychain
  34. Jawbone Jambox bluetooth speaker



  • Ducti Original duct tape wallet
  • 32Gb LG G3 on Verizon
  • Black Moto 360 V1 (Android wear smartwatch)