Nesting Snowman Bowls

This project came about when a coworker graciously let my roommate and I borrow his shaper origin (if you haven’t heard of it, check it out it’s super cool) in December 2020. I decided to use it to make a number of Christmas gifts, including these nesting snowman bowls. After grabbing the CAD from Shaper Hub, it was as simple as buying the stock, cutting it down to size, and letting the shaper do the work. I finished the bowls with some sandpaper and spray poly. The stock was a red oak board, ~5″ x ~ .75″. I was concerned about the depth and size of the bowls, but they ended up being a good size for holiday hors devours/candies. 

Shaper Hub Link (includes .svg)

Shaper Origin

The finished product in use
First pass getting the speeds right. Ended up doing mostly .2-.25″ passes.

You can see the outline laid out on the screen of the shaper