Kitchen appliance shelfs | Devin Malanaphy

Kitchen Appliance Shelves

This project came about after my roommate and I realized we had a bunch of kitchen appliances scattered around taking up valuable space, and needed a place to keep them organized. This project took just over a day from start to finish, because we decided to put some spray polyurethane on the shelves to protect them a little bit from water. Read more about how this project came together below.

Once loaded up the shelves do wobble a little, so we’ll probably secure them to the walls. The shelves themselves don’t bow at all though, and the pipes are held tightly by the two shelves. 


  • 2x 10′ 3/5″ I.D. Iron pipe (threaded ends)
  • 4x 3/4″ pipe floor flange
  • 2’x4′   .5″ plywood
  • 3D printed feet (see below)
  • Misc. fasteners
  • Spray polyurethane  

The structure is super simple, just 4 iron pipes, a 2×4′ piece of plywood, and a few other pieces of hardware.

A close up of the pipe passing through the lower shelf. These holes were drilled out with a forstner bit and sanded so that the hole was just a little larger then the pipe. We rounded over the top edge of the shelf with a router.

The pipes attach to the top shelf with these screw/thread plates. We didn’t have screws that were short enough to not go through the 1/2″ plywood, so we had to make do with some washers. This attachment came in handy when we had to level the table on our wonky floor, all we had to do was spin the pipes. 

We drilled a hole and used a nail to support the lower shelf, and it seems to be working well. Here you can see some of the tear-out from the hole drilling, make sure you pay attention to which direction you drill the holes!

We 3D printed feet for the pipes since the pipe cutter left a nasty edge. The 3D model/.stl are included to the left.

.stl file for Printing