From top to bottom: Verizon DSL Router (4 port 10/100 switch), TP link unmanaged 8 port gigabit switch (primary switch), TP link unmanaged 8 port switch (10/100) (auziliary switch for devices that only need a internet connection)


Control Center:

I built this control box as an easy way to check the status and control the network, but right now it is only used to control the fan on the router. The switch to the far left turns the fan on and off (indicated by the green led) and when the router gets hot the “high usage fan bypass” can disconnect the led from the circuit, giving the fan extra current and increasing the flow rate. 

X-LTE backup (concept):

The idea behind this was to create an easy way for my phone to provide my house with an internet connection in case the DSL box ever went out or we needed some extra speed for something. I connected a cheap wifi router/AP/receiver/bridge (amazon link) (configured in receiving mode) to the wired switch and had it set up to connect to my phone’s hotspot when it powered on. I am still working on this, but the idea was that the backup button would confirm the backup was powered by buzzing the buzzer.

Wired Network overview:

1-7 are on switch 1 (Gigabit) and 8-19 are on switch 2 (Fast or 10/100)

  1. Router
  2. Desktop
  3. Wifi access point
  4. Jack in room (see below)
  5. Parents TV (for streaming things from laptops)
  6. Jack in brothers room
  7. Home storage server (read about it here)
  8. Router
  9. Internet connected radio in parents room
  10. Print server