Ever since I was little I always wanted to be a DJ, I’m not sure what turned me on to it, but I just really enjoyed playing and listening to music. So in 2011 my dad suggested I take his PA system that he uses for his magic act down to the marathon route and entertain the runners. I’ve been playing ever since. Below is a year by year summary of my DJing at the marathon.


I’m back to DJing, I’ll be on the course this year around mile 6/7 on the right side of 3rd Ave!

2018: I ran the marathon!

After training throughout the summer and the beginning of the school year I ran the marathon with my mom and dad!


To the right is the 2015 setup; my fathers Lenovo laptop, alongside my old white macbook (which unfortunately was having trackpad driver issues that day and couldn’t be used). We used the same PA system from years past (Fender Passport PA-250), but this year I hooked up two TDK boomboxes (my friend’s and mine) and put them directly in front of the table, with the PA speakers to the side.


This year the macbook was still going strong, driving the Fender PA-250 PA system alongside my TDK boombox, all being mixed through my Realistic mixer. Finally officially registered with the marathon we now had a generator (paid for by the marathon) and designated spot, and marathon staff helper. This was the first time I was using the dual soundcard setup which allowed me to mix on the physical mixer, instead of using the trackpad to control the one in the software.


In 2012 we were still unofficial and underneath the 4th ave bridge. Playing off of my 2008 macbook and powered by a Duracell 12v battery supply meant we could only play for about an hour and a half before it ran out of power.