Cable Wall Organizers

Final Product:

Final results are pretty good, the cable holders served their purpose and clean up the look of the cables a ton without risking damaging the molding. The chamfered corner pieces didn’t really line up exactly as I had imagined, because the minimum bend radius of Ethernet cables was greater then I thought, but they worked out regardless.


Our new landlord is not a huge fan of using a staple gun to run Ethernet cables, or us running Ethernet cables between rooms via the windows, so we needed a clean solution to run cables along the baseboards around our house. I’ve used a number of adhesive cable holders like these over the years but have never been too impressed by their performance. They always suffered from not having enough adhesive surface area, and the cables always seem to break the adhesive loose. I designed these cable clips to be easily 3d printed, and used with standard 3m foam double sided tape. 

3 cable straight holder
2 cable straight holder, printed
2 cable design for going around convex (outside) corners
2 cable holder for going around concave (inner) corners


Download the zip file linked below which contains .stl files for 2 and 3 cable straight & corner designs.