This was a little project to add LEDs to my bookshelf to brighten things up in my room. The LEDs were cheap, I picked up a 16 ft strip of them on amazon (regrettably) for 12 bucks. They are super handy to have around, I’ve already used them for a bunch of little projects like this one. I used a 3A 12V power supply I had lying around which is overkill for this amount of LEDs. They don’t use a ton of power and produce a surprising amount of light. They also don’t get more then a little warm which I was worried about from previous experience with LEDs.


I drilled small holes in the back of the bookshelf to pass the wires through
Finished product with the shelves mostly filled up
An angle showing the leds underneath. They provide really full and consistent lighting. I made sure to stick them far forward enough that the books wouldn’t cast a shadow
The wiring behind could use to be tidied, but I did heat shrink all the connections.